Aiding Web Accessibility for Visually Impaired

Empowering web inclusivity for those with impaired vision. AceADA enables visually impaired users to browse the web just like anyone else.
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Breaking Digital Boundaries with Vision Impairment Tools

Build a website that’s equally loved by visually impaired users.
ADA Title III and WCAG 2.1 compliant website.
Get a performance-driven business website
Get low-price, top-tier websites for the visually impaired

Improving Web Accessibility for Visually Impaired Individuals

AceADA’s visually impaired web accessibility tools ensure a powerful website. Use it, browse it like anyone else.


With web accessibility for the visually impaired, you can reach users affected by Glaucoma. Give them access to the clear and well-contrasted content they deserve.


Headings enable screen readers to convey context, making your site more user-friendly for blind users
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Degrading eyesight

Prioritize website accessibility for the visually impaired and ensure the content is easy to read and absorbed by those with deteriorating or poor eyesight.

Tunnel vision

Build a user-friendly website for those with tunnel vision. Navigate the website without missing out on the content, images, videos, and everything valuable.
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More than Just Another Accessibility Software for Visually Impaired

AceADA widget software helps build ADA websites for businesses. Whether for a new or existing website. It’s a matter of a few clicks only.

Website Content Adjustment

AceADA simplifies web accessibility for those with visual impairments, ensuring an enjoyable experience.
  • Enhance text size for optimal readability.
  • Transform the cursor into a clear, high-contrast horizontal guide for reading.
  • Align text as needed (left, right, or center).
  • Organize page content with informative headings.
  • Provide descriptive text to explain images and videos.

Content Orientation Adjustment

AceADA empowers individuals with visual impairments to access structured, informative, and easy-to-navigate website content.
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts and navigation tools for seamless content access.
  • Eliminate distracting elements like pop-up images or disruptive sounds. 
  • Stop auto-play animations that may hinder web accessibility.
  • Increase cursor size for swifter and more user-friendly navigation.
  • Engage with web content through auditory means.

What people say about “AceADA”

Hear from our satisfied customers! Check out our testimonials section to see how AceADA has helped people with disabilities and those who prefer a different browsing experience.
Devon Lane
Working in a non-profit, we aim to include and support everyone in our community. AceADA has been an essential tool in helping us achieve this online. It’s not just the affordability that stands out, but also the assurance it provides. Knowing that our website is accessible and compliant with relevant laws gives us peace of mind. With AceADA, we can focus on our mission without worrying about website accessibility.
Maria Rodriguez
Communications Director, Community Aid Nonprofit
Sarah McGee
As a small business owner, website accessibility was a daunting challenge for me. That was until I found AceADA. Not only was it affordable, but also incredibly easy to install. With AceADA, I was able to make my website accessible in a matter of seconds. It's clear that AceADA is committed to making the web a more inclusive place for everyone, and I'm glad to be a part of that mission.
Sarah McGee
Owner - Thompson's Handmade Crafts
Jason Lee
In my line of work, performance is key. I was hesitant about adding any extensions to my clients' websites, fearing it might slow things down. But with AceADA, those worries vanished. It had zero impact on the site's performance and the installation was a breeze. I'd highly recommend AceADA to any web developers looking to enhance website accessibility without compromising on speed.
Jason Lee
Freelance Web Developer

AceADA Pricing

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Tailored Solutions for Large-Scale Accessibility Needs
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Driving Performance with Web Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Ensure that your website supports users with varying visual capabilities. Embark on a journey to deliver web-inclusive experiences to visually impaired users and convert them to success. Partner with AceADA today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of website accessibility for visually impaired users?

Web accessibility empowers your website with features like 

  • Expandable text 
  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Alternative text for images
  • Keyboard navigation
  • High-contrast color options
Do web accessibility tools impact website performance?

Absolutely no.  AceADA is a lightning-fast widget tool that optimizes user experience and increases the possibility of converting visually impaired people.

Is it mandatory to make the website accessible to the visually impaired?

Yes, absolutely. 

As per the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers ( with or without physical presence) are required to make their website accessible to everyone, including the visually impaired. If found in violation of the same, employers are likely to face legal implications.

How is vision impairment different from complete blindness when it comes to web accessibility?

Vision impairment and complete blindness represent distinct implications for web accessibility. Here’s how they differ in terms of web accessibility considerations. 

For Vision Impairment:

  • Reduced Visual Acuity: Difficulty in reading text or discerning images.
  • Challenges with Low Contrast: Difficult to distinguish text from the background if the contrast is low.
  • Responsive Design Matters: Struggling if the content fails to adjust according to various devices.
  • Text Enlargement: The text size should automatically increase for readability. 
  • Complete Blindness 
  • Relying on Non-Visual Means: They ‌typically rely on screen readers to understand the content. 
  • Importance of Semantic HTML: The proper use of semantic HTML elements is crucial to communicate the content structure and meaning to screen readers. 
  • Alternative Text for Images: All images on a website should have descriptive alternative text (alt text) to convey their content and purpose to screen reader users. 
  • Keyboard Navigation: Websites should be navigable using keyboard shortcuts. 
  • Focus Indicators: Clear and visible focus indicators are crucial for indicating which interactive elements (links, buttons, form fields, etc.) are currently active.

In light of the above, web developers and content creators should work together to raise web accessibility standards. 

Is AceADA right for my website?

AceADA widget software for the visually impaired is used by startups, SMEs, and enterprises as well. Thanks to the research that has gone into simplifying web accessibility for visual impairments. We are rated high by thousands of website owners. Don’t take our word for it.

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