Web Accessibility for Older Adults: Elderly Friendly Mode

Level up web accessibility with AceADA’s elderly-friendly mode. Make your website easy to browse for aging adults with or without disabilities.
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Driving Web Accessibility For The Elderly

Build an elderly-friendly website in simple and quick steps.
Comply with ADA law and conform with WCAG 2.1 & 2.2 guidelines.
Older adults can easily browse the web like anyone else.
The elderly-friendly web accessibility tool is worth it.

What’s the Purpose of Elderly-Friendly Web Accessibility Tools?

Aging people deserve a fair chance to experience the web. AceADA features elderly-friendly web accessibility tools to help older adults browse the web as others do.

Vision Impairments

The elderly with complete or partial vision impairment find it difficult to read text written in small fonts or using ornate font types.

Motor Skill Deficits

The elderly with poor motor skills and hand-eye coordination can get frustrated using small buttons, navigating complex interfaces, or accurately clicking on links.

Cognitive Decline

Aging hampers the cognitive ability of most people. The elderly are often left overwhelmed with complex website navigations, patterns/textures, and information overload on websites.

Hearing Loss

Videos without captions, audio-only content, or websites relying heavily on sound cues cast away the elderly with hearing difficulties.

AceADA: The Elderly-Friendly Web Accessibility App

AceADA’s app is here! Create an inclusive experience with the elderly-friendly web accessibility app. Powered by AI and ML models, AceADA makes your website accessible to older adults with color blindness, poor or low vision, ADHD, epilepsy, and other disabilities.

Website Content Adjustment

AceADA’s elderly-friendly mode ensures older adults have it easy to engage with your website.
  • Optimize text size to maximize readability
  • Create distinctions in similar-looking fonts
  • Change the color contrast for the web page
  • Use clear and descriptive headings with sufficient web color contrast
  • Add alt text for describing product images and videos
Website Content Adjustment

Content Orientation Adjustment

AceADA’s elderly-friendly mode cuts the web clutter for older adults.
  • Get access to keyboard shortcuts and navigational aids.
  • Hide popup images or videos.
  • Block animated content that hinders web accessibility.
  • Use a white or block cursor for easy navigation and readability.
  • Listen to the content if the text is hard to comprehend.

What people say about “AceADA”

Hear from our satisfied customers! Check out our testimonials section to see how AceADA has helped people with disabilities and those who prefer a different browsing experience.
Devon Lane
Working in a non-profit, we aim to include and support everyone in our community. AceADA has been an essential tool in helping us achieve this online. It’s not just the affordability that stands out, but also the assurance it provides. Knowing that our website is accessible and compliant with relevant laws gives us peace of mind. With AceADA, we can focus on our mission without worrying about website accessibility.
Maria Rodriguez
Communications Director, Community Aid Nonprofit
Sarah McGee
As a small business owner, website accessibility was a daunting challenge for me. That was until I found AceADA. Not only was it affordable, but also incredibly easy to install. With AceADA, I was able to make my website accessible in a matter of seconds. It's clear that AceADA is committed to making the web a more inclusive place for everyone, and I'm glad to be a part of that mission.
Sarah McGee
Owner - Thompson's Handmade Crafts
Jason Lee
In my line of work, performance is key. I was hesitant about adding any extensions to my clients' websites, fearing it might slow things down. But with AceADA, those worries vanished. It had zero impact on the site's performance and the installation was a breeze. I'd highly recommend AceADA to any web developers looking to enhance website accessibility without compromising on speed.
Jason Lee
Freelance Web Developer

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The Ultimate Elderly-Friendly Web Accessibility Plugin

AceADA is a powerful elderly-friendly web accessibility software for developers and business owners. Install AceADA on your desktop or smartphone and enable the elderly-friendly mode to create a more inclusive experience while staying in compliance with the ADA!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use AceADA’s elderly-friendly web accessibility software?

Yes, AceADA has an intuitive and straightforward software design. It can be easily integrated into your web browser, and the settings are highly customizable to meet individual preferences. It is compatible with various popular web browsers. Enjoy an enhanced web browsing experience regardless of your preferred browser.

Read more here or seek professional help.

How is AceADA different from other elderly-friendly web accessibility apps?

While most web browsers provide some level of accessibility features, these tend to be general. AceADA features many ML and AI-driven web accessibility tools to effectively resolve challenges faced by the elderly. The exclusive features include optimizing text size, font type, color contrast, and simplified navigation, all combined to make the web accessible for the elderly.

AceADA’s team is more than happy to prove its worth for your business.

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How to improve web accessibility for the elderly?

Improving web accessibility for elderly users involves addressing various challenges related to vision, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and technology familiarity. Here are some of the best practices:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Adjustable Text and Font Sizes
  • Contrast and Color Choices
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Descriptive Headings and Labels
  • Keyboard Accessibility
  • Provide Text-to-Speech Options
  • Minimize Use of Popups and Autoplay Media
  • Include Alt Text for Images
  • Clear Instructions on form submissions or other user interactions
  • Educational Resources or tutorials

Go a step ahead. Use AceADA’s elderly-friendly web accessibility add-on and save your valuable time and effort. Alternatively, you can reach us via email or social media. We’re always happy to help with any queries you may have.

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What common features to expect from the elderly-friendly web accessibility plugin?

AceADA’s elderly-friendly web accessibility plugin typically offers features such as enlarged text options, simplified navigation, and enhanced contrast. Their combined impact makes websites more user-friendly for seniors.

How much do elderly-friendly websites cost?

With AceADA, you can start with as little as USD 8.33/month. We can build a new website or integrate in the old website. We can also tailor a web accessibility package for your business website. How about we hop on a call and discuss it further?

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